enRENOMA enables a fast and professional performance of any repairing or construction works. We have a base of several companies, performers and tradesmen co-operating with us.

We offer services in the range of:

  • repairing and construction
  • bricklaying
  • painting
  • glazing
  • welding
  • joiner works
  • electricity
  • roof laying/repairing
  • central heating and gas installations, water-sewerage plumberies
  • ventilation, air-conditioning
  • and other non-typical services.

Applications please send on the Company address and E-mail.

Our offer

We offer you a full service packet in a range of as well small as bigger general construction works.

The company specializes most of all in repairs of all type, rebuildings, orders which need professionals of different domains.

Just call us with your orders, problems or questions and we will do our best to help you – there is no longer a need to answer an uncountable amount of offers in newspapers or phone books looking for a proper professional and to worry about their reliability. We will do this unpleasant work for you.

We have at disposal our own reliable workers and a base of several companies, performers, and tradesmen who co-operate with us.

When needed, we realize services as a composite unity, i.e.: project, cost estimate, performance, oversight, reception of objects and buildings as well as external and internal connections of water-sewerage, gas, electric networks including agreements.

Most of all we recommend our services in cases of difficult and complicated works, to perform which several abilities and entitlements are needed, e.g.: welding works on huge heights using mountain-climbing techniques.

Our Company

Our Company was founded in 1989 in Szczecin.
Since the very beginning it has been performing services for people and other companies.
At the beginning it appeared mainly as a sub-executive in bigger orders.

As a result of re-organization and changes, the Company is becoming bigger and started to offer services abroad – in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.
At the moment we operate not only in Szczecin, but also in the whole Poland and Europe.

We act in a specific and well tested by us way, with small brigades, which enables a huge elasticity and realization of bigger as well as very tiny orders.

Our motto sounds: work with the best people.